Oral Presentation Australasian Extracellular Vesicles Conference 2018

High precision isolation of EVs through automation and control of "smart" SEC columns (#3)

Hans van der Voorn 1 , Murray Broom 1
  1. Izon Science, CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, New Zealand

The introduction of SEC columns for EV isolation in 2013 provided a step change in capability for the EV field. New developments in the automation and electronic control of SEC columns are aimed at improving speed, repeatability, standardisation, and user convenience. However, during the process it has become clear that there are other significant benefits from the precise measurement of the quantities exiting the columns. One immediate result is the need to revisit the way that fraction numbers are used. That will be replaced with a more logical framework, wherein the void volume is measured and disposed of, and precise volumes are used instead of the somewhat arbitrary fraction numbers, the size of which will become tunable. Data can be managed in a powerful way with electronic technology, including the use of RFID tags to store and record the data for each column. This work is aimed at several pending large scale trials to identify and validate EV based biomarkers. It is expected to be of interest to all EV groups including those doing fundamental research and developing therapeutics.